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In 2020 we decided to give a second life to this little house located in the historic center of Santa Cruz de Campezo, the place where we grew up, our home. This is how Inta Landetxea was born, a rural house

that takes its name from the Inta cave, in the mountains that surround the town. Our idea is to offer

a very special spot to discover the wonders of nature around this place and bring the rural

world closer to anyone who wants to know it, live it and enjoy it as much as we do.



Almost all the decoration and furniture is handmade by ourselves, from elements that

were already in the house or old farming tools. With this restoration process

 we decorated in a sustainable and modern way, preserving the traditional roots.  

The house was made with lot of patience and all the love to have the magical touch

that will make your stay unforgettable. 



At Inta Landetxea we have our own little garden, where we grow all kinds of vegetables,

so that our guests can feel in contact with nature through a full senses experience.

You can try these foods that we take care of so lovingly and watch them grow, directly from the land

to the table. Get to know the type of diet that is so common in our towns. It is a wonder!

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